What is a Contribution?

A contribution is a product recommendation. When you go for a run you make use of numerous items that enable you to enjoy being active. At AidStation we ask that you share the names of these items with your fellow runners so that they are also able to find and use them to enhance their running experience. Telling other runners about a great product is called a contribution. You submit a product on AidStation by logging in and adding items to your activities either manually or automatically through having a linked Strava account. A contribution is then a virtual thumbs up for a specific product.

How do I contribute automatically?

An automatic contribution is when you link your Strava account to AidStation. When an activity is created on Strava, AidStation is notified of this and we save the following information:

  • Activity Date
  • Activity Name
  • Activity Location Start
  • Distance
  • Activity Type (training, race etc)
  • Shoe Brand and Model (if tracked on Strava)
  • Watch Brand and Model.

Strava defines run types only as Races, Workouts and Long Runs but on AidStation we offer a much larger set which includes interval sessions, hill sessions etc. Therefore, if you know your run was, for example, a track session, go and update it on AidStation. This is an important filter for runners looking for running products for specific run types.

Why would I contribute automatically?

Contributing items automatically by linking Strava is a lot quicker and helps you to not forget to contribute regularly. Consistently submitting items ensures that the information available to other runners is rich and plenty.

How do I contribute manually?

You submit items manually by logging in to AidStation, navigating to the “Contribute” page and clicking the “New Contribution” button.

Select the date on which you used the particular product. Then, on the next page, the applicable category and subcategory and search for the name of the item you used. If no one has submitted the specific item yet, you create a new item in the system.

Now select the distance and run type of the activity you completed and the reasons why you enjoyed using the item (these are called traits).

That’s it, you’ve submitted an item manually!

Why would I submit manually?

Certain product categories like Nutrition and Apparel cannot be automatically submitted via Strava or any other recording device and as such require a manual contribution. We’ve worked really hard to streamline this process, so go check it out.

What is an activity?

An activity is a run that you have completed. We will be including strength sessions, conditioning sessions (like yoga and pilates) as well as recovery activities (like foam rolling/ mineral baths) at a later stage.

What is the difference between an activity and a submission?

You cannot submit an item without having completed an activity. The two are interdependent of each other. This is to ensure that submissions are ‘verified’ to a certain degree - otherwise anyone could just log in and submit hundreds of ‘spam’ items which can compromise AidStation’s authenticity and integrity.

What do the colours on the activity page mean?

Each Activity you complete will have a VIEW box on the left side which is color-coded in relation to the ACTIVITY STATE:

  • AMBER is Incomplete = This means that either a shoe, device, or piece of apparel is still required. We prefer that you add one item within each category for an activity to be complete.
  • GREEN is Complete = Activity information complete.

Each category item box (Devices, Shoes, Apparel, Nutrition) will be color-coded depending on whether an item has been submitted for the specific category.

  • RED = Item missing.
  • AMBER with a (“Select Traits”) = The item you submitted is missing traits.
  • GREEN = Items added, thanks!

What are traits?

Traits describe why you preferred using the item on your activity.

Why do I have to select traits?

To inform runners about the attributes that make items great.

Why don’t I get asked to select traits every time I submit something?

We realised that most runners tend to stick to using the same product if they have found something that works for them. Therefore, you only have to tell us once why you preferred an item.

What are tokens?

A token is the vehicle with which we exchange information on AidStation. AidStation operates on a give to receive model. If you want to know which items are popular, you first need to tell us what you use. You then earn 1 token every time you submit an item. You can use (spend) these tokens to search for great products and services.

Soon enough you will be able to exchange tokens for discount codes with participating brands, so start accumulating these now!

What is U-count?

The U-COUNT or USAGE COUNT is a weighted score of how many times an item has been used by fellow runners.⁠ When you search on AidStation we use this score to rank items from most used to least.⁠

You will also notice that on the profile section of the site, we display your personal U-COUNT. This is an accumulation of all your contributions to AidStation, a score if you will. This is important as we will soon be introducing contributor Tiers and Badges which will unlock all sorts of benefits!